Millie_Jeep_Mud_MoxieLike a basketball player that pushes her rear toward the goal and then turns and shoots, I tend to back into things. As part of my life and creative practice, I experiment with my religious, spiritual and moral convictions.  The process is documented; I bring the photographs and collected artifacts back into the studio to turn them over and over. I chew on the inconclusive subtexts of my life: complexities of “altruistic” efforts and service, domestic roles, and further issues related to Christian praxis. The physical evidence of this meditation is the material of my work.

My artwork ranges from intimate, personal performance to inclusive, collaborative social practice.  As each piece unfolds, I invite others into the process, creation and continuation of the work.

Deploying the innate narrative power contained within the playful and often competitive symbology, I expose sincere personal struggle and suggestion. Red is a dominant color choice because of its energy, activated spirit, and winning attitude.

My granddad used to say, “I’m not a big shot, I’m a little shot that keeps shooting.” As for my creative practice, it is one that perseveres in hope of cultivating a humanizing “middle-art” – neither heroic nor naive.

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