Dug Out, Dig In!

Dug Out, Dug In!
2013, Assemblage
Boulder, Colorado

“Dug Out, Dug In!” is a vibrant assemblage of objects referencing the synthesis of faith and work. The foundation of the sculpture is a combination of a church pew with raw 2 x 4s to create a metaphoric team bench that would be found in a dugout. Flowers, a shovel,rope, megaphone, a watering can and toolbox reference tasks to done. Hardhats rest below an iconic orange watering cooler and cone shaped cups. A timely stack of articles from Martin Luther King Jr.’s sermon “A Tough Mind and a Tender Heart” are scattered about like play books for the charge on the field.”Dug Out, Dig In” is a rally for Christians to hold within them “antithesis strongly marked”,  a “tough mind and a tender heart” for the challenges of justice and love.

Dug Out.jpg


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