Thin Places and Plumb Lines

Thin Places and Plumb Lines
2012-Present, Temporary Installation
Locations: Various 

Thin Places and Plumb Lines is an ongoing practice of spiritual awareness. Celtic Christians are credited with the idea of “thin places”, where the boundary between earth and heaven becomes especially thin. It is a physical place that seems to provide an accessible portal to the divine. Similarly, Jesus’ teachings surrounding the Kingdom of God point to a present reality and a future hope. His Kingdom is wherever He reigns. It is now and not yet. “Here” and “There” separated by a thin and even porous line. In my creative practice, demarcating the space provides a spiritual invitation to a holy moment and heightened awareness. Simply, it is prayer and recognition of Presence.


17 FW Tree StringThistle QuartetYarn Tree FlagScreen Shot 2014-05-28 at 5.25.16 PM

Yarn tie


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