Tribeca Summer Arts Project (2005-2007)

In 2005, I co-founded and was the  art director for an arts program: The Tribeca Summer Project. The Project selects college visual arts/performing art majors from universities throughout the U.S. Students to spend six weeks in NYC exploring art, faith and humanity culminating in a collaborative installation or exhibition relating themes that emerge from focused dialogue with others outside of the project.

2005: Travel


A mixed media installation exploring the human desire for travel. Muslin tent like structures allude to the temporal and nomadic nature of travel creating a physical experience of journey on 1700sqft. of fresh grass. The lighting is used to create a mysterious, guiding, and alluring feeling throughout the piece.


A projected video within the Travel installation of choreographed walking, moving, running created on an unseen treadmill. Images relating to effects of time on a landscape or environment were overlayed on the projection

2006: Soularium

This collaborative exhibition explored five questions that resulted in the creation of an international photo-based dialogue tool created within the project called “Soularium”. The first question is “What is your life like right now?” Participants in the survey chose a photographic image that they identified with.


One of the most selected images was of a man with post it notes stuck to his head. In the center of the exhibition you notice “ant hills” of yellow post-its notes representing actual collected to-dos of survey participants. A rubber stamp of a termite was made and used to create extensive patterns of the insects crawling over the to-dos, making a relationship between the secret devastation created by termites and that of ever growing lists of undone tasks. Other pieces in the exhibition are responses to other data and responses collected in the process.


2007: 2 x 2

In “2 x 2”, I challenged Tribeca project members to collaborate with one other project member or an outside participant (a friend in NYC or a stranger met through usage of the Soularium Dialogue tool) to explore the question “What do you wish were true of your life right now?”. They were each given the parameter of physical 2′ x 2′ board to work with in any way they wanted. In addition to the 2′ x 2′ collaborative piece, each member also produced a 1′ x 1′ personal work that was created prayerfully.




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