“When People Fly” Residency Project

When People Fly pair“When People Fly”

Social Practice/Community Arts
Barter Collective, Red Line Gallery
Denver, Co

"When People Fly" was a project as part of a week long residency 
with the Barter Collective in Denver, Colorado.  
Located at Redline Gallery in conjunction with their summer 2013 
programming entitled: 
"Not Exactly: Between Home and Where I Find Myself".

Project Description: 

Often we only see poverty in terms of a lack of physical goods. 
However, poverty can also be associated with a sense of shame 
and a lack of voice. The signs people use to express material 
need are often wrongly connected with an impoverished identity.  
When People Fly is an interactive project aimed to create a sense 
of shared humanity between those that are materially impoverished 
and those that are not. The bARTer truck was be used for conversation
and newly created signs.

Participant Worksheet:

13_When People Fly (front)

Participants observing and engaging in the project.  


Community members creating signs. Many of the participants were currently homeless. Others were creatives, gallery visitors or friends interested in the project.

IMG_9931 IMG_9930

Sample of signs created:

IMG_9956 IMG_9954

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