“Heart Excavation”

screen shot 2013-05-23 at 5.47.20 pm
Sticks & Stones: Heart Excavation
2013,Eastern Colorado

Sticks & Stones was a project conducted in collaboration with 
The Eastern Plains Women's Resource Center in Byers, Co.

Through conducting interviews with women in Adams and Arapahoe 
counties, objects that represented the women's "best version of 
themselves" and "the version of themselves they didn't like" were collected, documented and detailed. The objects and documentation were then installed in the Resource center at a culminating community event. This project explored issues of identity in community 
big lips survey
Surveys used in the field with women of Adams and Arapahoe counties.

Sticks & Stones Artifact Documentationbracelet

Winter wall
Vertical Lip Claw Revised
Poster for community event and project installation at the Women’s Resource Center.

Sticks & Stones Community Event, Byers, 2013

Jo dig Crop
Participant engaging the installation at the women’s center.
screen shot 2013-05-23 at 5.42.41 pm
Installation containing a photograph of one of the women with a rock wall she has constructed of “heart shaped” rocks honoring a lost child that she identifies as the reflecting “the best version of herself”
Millie Watters conducting a survey during the community installation event at the Women’s Resource center.

Heart Excavation, Gallery installation, University of Colorado Boulder, 2013watters_millie_5

In the final phase of the project, elements of the installation at the Women’s Center were brought back into the gallery space.

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