Snow Covered Installation

If you check out the previous post, you can see the progression of the work as the elements interact as well. Here are some pics in the snow today.Over 30 MILLION Mattresses are sent to Landfills each year. These materials were donated to me by SpringBack mattress Recycling here in Denver.  For the environmentally conscience,Continue reading “Snow Covered Installation”

Conversation at the Boulder Open Space

This is a “light sketch” I did out at the Boulder Open Space. A friend in the art department took me out to this site last semester to spin yarn and have conversation. I responded by doing this land art installation for her. I like the idea of having an ongoing personal conversation at theContinue reading “Conversation at the Boulder Open Space”

X’s and O’s Installation

This was the exhibition for the X’s and O’s project (described in the previous post). In the installation of the work, I emphasized the idea of play and competition as well as the process of transformation from independence to interdependence. In the process of trying to make a pumpkin pie for my husband, I almost cut my finger off. In a effort ot embrace some traditional gender roles, I often find myself fumbling.