Sabbath Week #7

Ryan and I had week seven of our Practicing Sabbath Project.  We had planned to snowshoe in Rocky Mountain National Park, but I had some radiator issues as we were leaving town.  We were both thankful that we didn’t stress. We took the car to a shop, had it checked out, and bought a newContinue reading “Sabbath Week #7”

X’s and O’s Installation

This was the exhibition for the X’s and O’s project (described in the previous post). In the installation of the work, I emphasized the idea of play and competition as well as the process of transformation from independence to interdependence. In the process of trying to make a pumpkin pie for my husband, I almost cut my finger off. In a effort ot embrace some traditional gender roles, I often find myself fumbling.

X’s and O’s

This was a series of posters I did with a bit of humor reflecting on the tensions of the domestic life, engaging in traditional gender roles, independence vs. interdependence. The image used here was from the hospital after accidentally blending my finger while making a pumpkin pie. My husband and I wear this head band when we do “hard” things around the house. These images were selected for a juried competition called “Wallspaper” to be on display for a semester in the art department of the University of Colorado.